Hi, I'm Jennifer Jenkins-Boitnott.


I've always loved the idea of having my own private practice, but after I started I struggled with burnout and feeling overwhelmed for a long time...

Everything changed when I decided to build a business that evolves with me and my needs.

My Story


Throughout this entire journey, I have challenged my own limiting beliefs around what it means to be a trauma therapist, and what it means to be a business owner. I have worked on my money mindset time and time again. I have become more clear on how to experiment and evolve my businesses. All of this of course is an ongoing process.


Everything I do here at Simply Rewire, has been informed by my clinical work as a trauma therapist and my experience as a private practice business owner. I want to share with you what I have learned and hope that it helps you to be able to make informed & empowered decisions in your business and in your clinical work. I would love to help you get to where you want to go feeling connected, supported and equipped.

My Path to Private Practice and EMDR Intensives

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EMDR Consultation Areas of Expertise

  •  Developing confidence and competence of the standard EMDR protocol
  •  Case conceptualization within the AIP model
  •  Pre-verbal / early childhood trauma
  •  Early childhood trauma protocol 
  •  Dissociation, DID
  •  Complex Trauma 
  •  Meeting place, parts work, IFS
  •  LGBTQ+ clients & EMDR
  •  EMDR with adults
  •  Relational EMDR
  •  EMDR for recent events 
  •  Birth trauma (as the parent or as the child)
  •  Generational trauma & EMDR
  •  Medical trauma
  •  Traumatic loss - grief & EMDR
  •  Adjunct EMDR
  •  Integrating multiple treatment modalities into intensives 

Private Practice Consultation & Coaching Areas of Expertise

  •  Starting private practice from the ground up 
  •  Insurance credentialing - adding and removing insurance panels 
  •  Transitioning from insurance based practice to cash based practice 
  •  Adding EMDR intensives into your practice 
  •  Establishing systems, work flow, building a foundation in your practice that supports your success and growth 
  •  Mindset for business growth, feeling confident in your business decisions and building a practice that supports your life

Experience and Background


The Consultation Program Faculty Member, Zero Disturbance (2022 - present)

The Consultation Program, Zero Disturbance (2021-2022)

Founder & Owner, Simply Rewire LLC (2021)

EMDRIA Approved EMDR Consultant (2020)

Founder & Owner Sea Glass LLC (2019)

EMDRIA Certified Therapist in EMDR (2018)

EMDR Trained therapist (2016)

LPC, Virginia (2015)

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Marymount University (2012)

B.S. in Psychology with minor in Substance Abuse Intervention, James Madison University (2010)

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I love having the flexibility to make my schedule what I need it to be throughout different phases of life.

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